The Lady Behind The Fancy

Get to know the genius that is Eda Midori.

The Cali born founder of Lady Fancy Nails shares her journey about staying true, working with purpose and paying homage to the hood.



Amy: ­ Who is Lady Fancy Nails?

Eda: ­ Lady Fancy Nails is an artist, a warrior, a woman.

I’m going back and forth with renaming actually. It started off as a little bit of a joke back in Oakland. That drake song “Fancy” was out and we’d laugh and be like oh they should open a shop named Lady Fancy Nails [laughs]. I mean it started in the hood and now it’s like an ode to the hood no matter where we are. Currently, I’m moving in a different direction Eda Midori. Midori is my middle name.

Amy­: Midori?

Eda­: It means green or fresh in Japanese which where I’m moving towards more, focusing on the essence of Lady Fancy Nails.

Amy­: Like a state of mind. 

Eda­: Exactly. What’s so important with my art (and I say my art because it is art) and the core is about revoking and representing female power. My design esthetic­ bold, strong line work and minimalist comes from my interest in architecture. Social justice is part of my DNA  as a person. I’m a warrior and this is my way of telling the story of being a female warrior and all that embodies the power in women. Also having worked with youth and working in schools my background in being able to create healing spaces for them was a challenge, but it has definitely helped in doing the same for women with LFN.

It’s interesting, a barber and the barber shop allow men to connect, it is their healing space and gives them the freedom to express themselves with no judgements. Well the interaction with a nail tech and the nail salon is the same thing for us. Your nail person knows you the best, what you like, the shit your going through, you know? People have limited to no access to mental health services, and for me counseling and healing others come naturally. This feels really important on a deeper level. Trying to adjust the oppressed warrior for social justice at it’s core is my constant journey. But on the flip side, I love to look good! [laughs] I’m super into getting people to feel good about themselves. Look, I’m just trying to make you feel hella fly.

It’s all about being fearlessly feminine, owning your femininity…

Images property of Lady Fancy Nails

Amy: ­ Biggest style icon?

Eda: ­ I always have such a hard time answering this. My parents were hippies, that meant no tv and I lived in small ass town in cali. I remember going to college and having huge gaps of pop cultural memories. Anyway, I guess Aaliyah is an easy one. 90s theme is in and that makes me very excited. It’s all about being fearlessly feminine, owning your femininity but also having this tom­boy essence to you. I just starting wearing heels, I’m an ultra tom­boy and I love women that represent that balance. Second, I can tell you current style icons. I like Public School, they are really dope. Chris Stamp, he’s cool and out of LA.

Most of all, I like that fashion changes and is constantly recycling and renewing, which is why I have a hard time saying who’s my #1. You know who I really respect? I hella respect rihanna and her steez. I mean it’s too soon to consider her as an icon and I’m not sure how I feel about her but I’m interested.

Amy: ­ Are there any projects you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? 

Eda: ­ Yes, I really wanna do 3D printed nail art. I’ve gotten really close to working with people on a project like this. A mix of fine nail art, technology and LED lights. I just really wanna go all out… some wild shit like impractical, multi­-dimension, popping out your nail shit like that [laughs] just get really weird with it.

Amy: ­ That sounds incredible, I would love to see something like that happen! Okay, now last one. Finish this sentence:

“The year 2015 means _______ for Lady Fancy Nails”.

Eda:­ Hmm, good one. Last year was about conquering — my fears, my goals. This year is intention. To pursue my purpose. My time, my creativity, a clear vision and to collaborate with people with real intention is where Lady Fancy Nails is going. Last year I didn’t give a fuck! I was like I’m going to come and do my thing and I mean I still have that drive and hunger in me but definitely do not want to burn myself out. I’m just trying to be holistic in my life and ensure that it is reflected in my design work. I’m excited about having all aspects of my life embody that and while it is a constant struggle, I’m happy in learning how to make that possible.


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