BIEN CONECTAO: The Playable art of the Domino Table


SEEthrumoney presents 6 weeks of an interactive DOMINO CLUB/GALLERY with selection of Brooklyn artists taking the raw wooden table creating a artistic vision that with be light enough to hang on the wall and strong enough to play aggressive games with lot of ‘banging”.

Featuring Custom Tables by Artists:
Don Rimx
Brian Kirhagis
Cern One
Mike Harding
Bowery Bob
& More

SOFT OPENING – June 8th • 3-10pm
Complimentary Presidente and Trash Talking

Bien Conectao is a project that takes a typical wooden domino table and changes it into a canvas. The table becomes frame creating a unique fully functional piece of art. Dominoes were first played in China but moved worldwide. The Islands of the Caribbean seem to embrace the game the most. With the perfect weather year round for outdoor play, dominoes are played all day and late in to the night on street corners and patios with an abundance for beer, rum, music, and loud talk.

Bien Conectao which is spanish slang for ‘well connected’ plays upon the connecting of the dominoes and the connection dominoes, the game plays in the culture on many islands in the Caribbean.

From June 8th to July 21st, Fresthetic will become a gallery and domino club. With some tables hanging on the wall and some tables used in games, Bien Conectao creates an interactive gallery experience.

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